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Who can get a mortgage in Nigeria?

You may be eligible for getting a mortgage if you are formally employed, on a full time and permanent basis. You are also required to have saved a sufficient deposit and not have any bad outstanding loans or history of such.

Most mortgage lenders will also check:
Your monthly income
Your monthly expenditure
Your existing debt profile
The value of the property you want financed
Investigate if a mortgage is something you can afford

Why can it be difficult to get a mortgage in Nigeria?
Lending money is all about risk and uncertainty. In Nigeria things are not as certain as they can be, so there are various factors which may make it difficult to obtain financing for a house.

Such as:
No prior experience of you holding a mortgage or managing other debts. Therefore a lender cannot predict how well you can keep up with your payments each month
A smaller deposit put aside for the initial mortgage deposit. This will likely limit the mortgage amount you can actually apply for and ultimately the types of houses you can buy
No significant equity in other hard assets. In other words no collateral for the loan you wish to obtain